Tension headaches and Migraines can be caused by the structures in the neck. Sinus headaches cause pressure and tenderness.

Headaches can have a serious impact on a person’s quality of life and getting chiropractic treatment to resolve them is an excellent investment in your health. Many factors can influence the development of a headache, among them:

  • Spinal dysfunction
  • Dehydration
  • Metabolic causes
  • Hormones
  • Lack of sleep
  • Poor diet


Headaches come in different categories with varying symptoms.  Determining which kind you have is critical to designing the most effective treatment.  A few types are:

  • Tension headaches are generated by stressed structures in the neck, with pain at the base of the skull, muscle tightness and pain that increases with movement of the neck and head.
  • Cluster headaches exhibit severe pain on one side of the head, eye or temple pain that can last from 15 minutes to a couple hours and then suddenly stop.
  • Sinus headaches can often be attributed to allergies and colds, which aggravate sinuses, causing painful pressure around the eyes and nose and even the teeth.
  • Migraine headaches are the most debilitating, with intense pulsating pain that can last from 4 to 72 hours, sometimes accompanied by nausea and light sensitivity.


 After reviewing your medical history, and a detailed examination we’ll help you craft a design for your recovery.

Chiropractic care can be very effective in the treatment and prevention of headaches.  Your issues and symptoms are unique to you.  The scope of the evaluation can vary greatly and several approaches are taken to fully understand your pain.  They may include:

  • A detailed health history, with careful attention paid to your headache history in particular, is obtained.  This will assist in determining the type of headache, and the circumstances surrounding the onset of the pain (known as “triggers”).
  • Vital signs are taken and a general examination is performed.
  • Neurological exam of the reflexes, nerve sensation and muscle strength will be done to evaluate involvement of different body systems and rule out secondary causes.
  • Orthopedic testing helps to pinpoint the origin of the pain.
  • X-rays or MRI’s may be needed if you have a complex case.


Through chiropractic adjustment, further therapy, and coaching you for any lifestyle changes, you can be on the road to the prevention of recurrences.

Following a diagnosis, the creation of a multi-faceted treatment protocol will be designed with your input.  A combined effort of clinical treatments and “homework” could include:


Any or all methods can all be utilized in your recovery.  A realistic conversation with you will always determine the plan moving forward.  The ability to determine your headache causes, and steps to prevent their severity or return, is key to improving your quality of life.

Many factors play a role in a quick recovery, but your understanding of what changes can be made at home or work, will make an invaluable contribution to your continued, healthier self.  Educating you, about how to better take care of yourself when you are away from the clinic, is an important difference in Dr. Christie’s approach.  For headache treatment contact Dr. Christie here.

Home Tip:

The use of a Neti pot two times a day can relieve the symptoms of seasonal and environmental allergies which can reduce sinus headache pain.


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