Lower Body Pain

Weight bearing joints take a beating, and can suffer from overuse causing inflammation or irritation.

There can be many causes of pain and decreased mobility in the lower extremities, but most can be attributed to overuse, degeneration or injury.  Many times the problems can stem from the pelvis and spine, and very often they are rooted in daily activities or things we enjoy—such as:

  • Recreational sports
  • Climbing (mountains or ladders)
  • Running, jogging, cardio
  • Extended sitting (desks or cars)
  • Gardening
  • Athletic training
  • Weekend Warrior behavior


When something isn’t working well within the body, pain is typical indicator of irritation, inflammation and trauma to an area.  Here are some examples of lower body pain you can experience when you are in need of chiropractic care:

  • Throbbing
  • Numbness
  • Tingling and burning
  • Pain radiating from one area to another
  • Muscle tightness
  • Joint pain:  hips, knees and/or ankles

Tests can determine the direction for treatment, and treatment can help you fully recover.

Determining the best course of treatment will follow a thorough examination based the discomfort you are experiencing.  Your issues and symptoms are unique to you.  The scope of the evaluation can vary greatly and several approaches are taken to fully understand your pain.  They may include:

  • A detailed health history.  This will assist in determining if your issue may have ties to specific activities.
  • Vital signs are taken, a general examination is performed, along with a comprehensive evaluation of the lower back, pelvis and lower limbs.
  • Neurological exam of the reflexes, nerve sensation and muscle strength will be done to evaluate involvement of different body systems and rule out secondary causes.
  • Orthopedic testing helps to pinpoint the origin of the pain and the extent of the problem.
  • X-rays or MRI’s may be needed if you have a complex case.

Get help and we’ll help you find relief for your pain through treatment and home care.

Following a diagnosis, the creation of a multi-faceted treatment protocol will be designed with your input.  A combined effort of clinical treatments and “homework” could include:


Any or all methods can all be utilized in your recovery.  A realistic conversation with you will always determine the plan moving forward.  Also, as you begin to feel better, your treatment plan will be reevaluated and customized—this flexible approach is important, because it takes into account how your body is responding to the treatments.

Many factors play a role in a quick recovery, but your understanding of what changes can be made at home and/or work, will make an invaluable contribution to your continued, healthier self.  Educating you, about how to better take care of yourself when you are away from the clinic, is an important difference in Dr. Christie’s approach. For lower body pain treatment contact Dr. Christie.

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