Pregnancy Pain

Many pregnancies cause lower back pain because of pelvic misalignment.

The body goes through an amazing transformation during pregnancy to accommodate the baby.  Most commonly, lower back pain is the major pain problem.  Several factors that can contribute to this pain are:

  • Expansion of the pelvis during pregnancy.
  • An altered center of gravity/change of balance.
  • Abdominal muscles and ligaments stretch and create misalignment
  • Sleeping position changes


We can help you by diagnosing what your particular problem is.

Determining the best course of treatment will follow a thorough examination based on the discomfort you are experiencing.  Your issues and symptoms are unique to you.  The scope of the evaluation can vary greatly and several approaches are taken to fully understand your pain.  They may include:

  • A detailed health history and pregnancy history is obtained.
  • Vital signs are checked and a general examination is performed.
  • Comprehensive evaluations of the lower back, pelvis and lower limbs are conducted.
  • Tests to establish your range of motion
  • Orthopedic testing helps to pinpoint the origin of the pain and the extent of the problem.


Through chiropractic adjustment and The Webster technique we can restore function and relieve pain.

Following a diagnosis, the creation of a multi-faceted treatment protocol will be designed with your input.  A combined effort of clinical treatments and “homework” could include:

  • Chiropractic adjustment
  • Muscle and soft tissue work
  • The Webster Technique:  a specific chiropractic analysis and adjustment protocol for reducing pelvic dysfunction.


Any or all methods can all be utilized in your recovery.  A realistic conversation with you will always determine the plan moving forward.  Also, as your pregnancy progresses and you begin to feel better, your treatment plan will be reevaluated and customized—this flexible approach is important, because it takes into account how your body is constantly changing.

Post partum is also a good time to come in to ensure that your body regains its best functioning after such an extraordinary feat!

Many factors play a role in a quick recovery, but your understanding of what changes can be made at home and/or work, will make an invaluable contribution to your continued, healthier self.  Educating you, about how to better take care of yourself when you are away from the clinic, is an important difference in Dr. Christie’s approach.  For pregnancy pain treatment contact Dr. Christie

Home Tip:

Side sleeping with a pillow in between your knees helps to keep your pelvis and hips in alignment and decreases the aggravation of low back pain due to pregnancy.

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