Pain is your body’s way of saying that it needs your help.

Your spine’s health tells the tale of your overall health and well-being. Getting treatment for the issues that are bothering you today, ensures better health not only for the moment, but the future.Your story is important to Dr. Christie and she’s ready to help. Make an appointment

Preventative Care

Dr. Christie's goal is to relieve pain and improve the body's overall physical function. She will consider everything that contributes to your health - your health history, family history, current symptoms, eating habits, work and lifestyle- conduct a physical examination, and determine a diagnosis and a treatment strategy. You might be treated with a variety of techniques and therapies to help you achieve optimal health.

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Dr. Christie

Owning her own practice allows Dr. Christie to communicate with her patients in the most honest and fair way possible. When you come in for a consultation or an adjustment, her enthusiasm is to help you understand what is going on with your health, and to help you find what can do for yourself, beyond just the treatment in the chiropractic office. More Bio & Qualifications

  • "Compassionate, thorough & intuitive. If you are seeking solutions to increase your quality of life--this is the woman to help you find them." -Amy Jo
  • "My pain was so much better that I want to come back! I was on my feet for about 6.5 hours last night and would love an adjustment before the weekend." -Louise (37 weeks pregnant)
  • "Dr. Christie is a great healer. She has the clinical background and the intuitive sense that can put a finger right on what will help. A wonderful person and great clinician. She helped me from the first visit, and let me decide frequency and duration of treatment. Felt so much better after only three visits. -Mike

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