Back Pain

Twisting, lifting and degenerative changes can affect parts of the spinal vertebrae.

Back pain can refer to anything from the upper-back and shoulder area, all the way down to the pelvis—because this is such a large area, there can be many different types of pain, as well as causes.

  • Upper and mid-back pain can be associated with scoliosis, postural pain and organ pain.
  • Acute injury to the low back or lifting and twisting can cause muscle sprain/strain, making movement difficult.
  • Degenerative changes (arthritis) in the joints of the spine, can affect the relationship between vertebrae and nerves, resulting in tingling or burning down the leg(s).
  • Pelvic pain, felt in the lower back and over the buttock, is typically caused by spinal dysfunction and tight muscles.


Through a neurological exam and treatment, Dr. Christie can help you be your healthiest self.

Your issues and symptoms are unique to you.  The scope of the examination can vary greatly and several approaches are taken to fully understand your pain.

  • Detailed health history is obtained to assist in outlining the onset of the pain and also its triggers.
  • Vital signs are taken and a general examination is performed.
  • Neurological exam of the reflexes, nerve sensation and muscle strength will be done to evaluate involvement of different body systems.
  • Orthopedic testing helps to pinpoint the origin of the pain.
  • X-rays or MRI’s may be needed if you have a complex case.


Get an adjustment and other therapies that are right for your situation, and better enable to take care of yourself.

Relief begins with the creation of a working diagnosis and a discussion about treatment options available to you.  The first priority is always to move you out of the state of pain.  Next, the focus is a treatment protocol and overall plan that will give you the tools to manage and resolve your condition.  Various treatments include:


Any or all methods can all be utilized in your recovery.  A realistic conversation with you will always determine the plan moving forward.

Many factors play a role in a quick recovery, but your understanding of what changes can be made at home or work, will make an invaluable contribution to your continued, healthier self.  Educating you, about how to better take care of yourself when you are away from the clinic, is an important difference in Dr. Christie’s approach. Looking for treatment for back pain contact Dr. Christie here.


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